Whether you are a life-long Episcopalian or you are exploring your faith; if you’re in search for a welcoming community; or maybe you’re wondering how you can make a difference in the community, then St. Luke’s Episcopal Church is here for you.

St. Luke’s is a multi-generational community of faith that seeks to transform unjust structures of society, safeguard the integrity of creation, sustain and renew life on earth, teach, baptize and nurture new believers and proclaim the good news of life in Christ. Absolute faith is not a requirement; an open heart and mind are. We welcome people from all places on their spiritual journeys

Some of us grew up in the Episcopal Church; others never went to an Episcopal church – or any church – before coming to St. Luke’s. Coming from such different backgrounds, we have many perspectives on liturgy, Biblical interpretation, and current issues at our institution and in the world. As a community, we work to ensure that these differences become a strength.

We are a welcoming and open Christian community and gather to worship in the Episcopal tradition, to discuss current issues from a Christian perspective, to serve the community through outreach, and to talk about the broader Christian church and how we help shape it.

We come together at 10:00 AM on Sundays to celebrate the Holy Eucharist. Immediately after worship, we continue the celebration gathering in the Great Hall for coffee hour, sharing hospitality, conversation and friendship.

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Congregation and event photos are now available to view or download. The link will take you to Google Photos in a new window.