• Fellowship

    Most of our Sunday Holy Eucharist services end with a coffee hour and fellowship. Please join us during this time to be a part of our community in Christ.
  • Service Times

    Church services being each Sunday at 10:00am. Join us in celebrating Holy Eucharist this Sunday morning!
  • St. Luke's bell

    St. Luke's Bell

    The bell (manufactured by the Meneely Bell Casting Company in Troy, New York), which was originally housed in the spire, was then moved into the Cloister Garth memorial garden. Instead of tuning his bells, Clinton Meneely relied on exact profiles and, if necessary, cast again and again until he achieved the desired result. Two separate factions of the Meneely family operated two foundries which together are said to have produced 65,000 bells in their life.
  • Sanctuary of the Church

    This new building was consecrated on June 28, 1857 (though the spire and pews would not be completed until 1871).
  • St. Luke's Courtyard

    The church itself is built of soft "Chicago" red brick. The lintels, sills, water tables and other architectural elements, which appear to be stone, are actually of the same red brick, coated with a limestone-colored mortar. This is a view of the courtyard of St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Ypsilanti.
  • Choir

    St. Luke's Choir

    Under the direction of the Director of Music, St. Luke’s Choir is open to all. No audition or prior experience is required. Only a love for music and Jesus required!